She responded to my tweet and I’m laughing so hard because it actually looks like her

Ugh can big brother just have a new season already? I miss using this blog and have lost 400 followers on BB downtime. Well damn.

Stay humble Andy, stay humble

Queen Jessie tweeted me back AH

Queen Jessie tweeted me back AH

Rachel and Elissa for BB All-STARS

Big Brother houseguests are all doing damage control and Elissa is just sitting pretty with that xoxo

You don’t need them Elissa, take your 50,000k and run like Jun did, with no contact with those assholes on the show

"My comments were taken out of context"

hmm really? Let me go back and look at the thousands of hours of footage.

I don’t get it. The exterminators only formed within the last few weeks of the game… They did nothing… They just grouped up at the end…

Officially the worst final three in 15 seasons of Big Brother.

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