I haven’t blogged this season at all and the reason is…

Because fuck this season I was so over it the first 2 episodes to be honest

Take a shot every time Devin says “my daughter”

Caleb is honestly so creepy and needs to fuckin chilllll 

Zach came off as such an asshole in his introduction at the beginning of episode two and now he’s all cuddling with frankie and being a sweetheart

I want to give Donny a hug he’s so adorable ugh

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Cody talking about Zankie.

Well… This changes literally everything.




f: you mean you’re going to miss me in the next few minutes and I should come visit you?
z: yeah, come visit me in my bed. 
f: see you in a bit.

nicole: if you scratch on the 8-ball don’t you lose?
cody: that’s what happens, see, i came over to her, she’s my good luck charm.

Frankie and Zach are literally so fucking cute though like

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